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Cait [userpic]

Soooo yeah. I stumbled upon the DGate lj community a while back but never said hi. So hi.

I play Fiesta Tiobee, one of many drag-al firemages. Long ago I was Gaudior Revlis, for those of you who remember her.

Aaaaaand sadly I'm not going to DCon, unless someone wants to haul my sorry ass from the middle of Pennsylvania all the way to Atlanta and back.

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Allison [userpic]

Googlism for: dragons gate

dragons gate is amusing when you least expect it
dragons gate is a massive text based world of adventure role
dragons gate is an interactive gaming system
dragons gate is a book that you cant put down
dragons gate is to immerse the player into a new world
dragons gate is a wonderful book
dragons gate is the service
dragons gate is a large
dragons gate is a large port city who has no opinion on slavery
dragons gate is currently scheduled for release on july


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Emily [userpic]

Yeah. This is just an introduction seeing as I have nothing good to say. I play Murasaki the San Elf, and some other characters that arent worthy enough to name. Yay.

Greetings. I used to play Kelston Bernstar the Leuian and currently am Khoman Veridun the San and have recently been Radik Razelle, Psycian.

I've seen some good shit throughout my DGate career. I probably hung out with the guy (Merrimax - I miss that bastard) who knew most of the cybering Leuians from AOL. I think though it was relatively tame compared to the game some Pride Leuians invited me to play. I have to say, that if you're under 18 and Pride Leuians invite you to play a game that says 18 and over, DON'T DO IT MAN. It was pretty interesting seeing all these respected Leuians and DGaters play in a 99% sex only furry MUD. After that, no cybering in DGate phases me. When full sex scenes are going on everywhere and each emote is like 2 paragraphs long.

Frankly, I fully expect cybering to go on in DGate and I deal with it. Enough people have "curves" or "breasts" or some sexual thing in their appearance text that trying to deny cybering is an altogether pointless endeavor. The staff doesn't seem to frown upon it unless it is remarkably public considering that interesting log posted on the Flame Boards with elders actually watching two players go at it. The whole Leuian race seems to have half their backstory revolving around a remarkably intimate consummation of love. Monitanians and Arachnians seem a haven for dominatrixes. San Elves push BDSM play... Secians love everybody like a certain sexed up group in the 60s.

Quitting over the existence of cybering is hasty at best. Unless you're Psycian and purposely not taking drugs, there's really not many times you'll run into people cybering. I'd say there are plenty of little hide-aways that people can cyber in and requires you to be actively looking to find them.

Quit over Stangee-Gate. At least people would understand throwing away years of work for that. Cybering occurs in every single MUD that doesn't have a large staff to player ratio that actively police the playerbase, you just have to deal and not play EverQuest, else you'd have an 80% chance to cyber a guy playing a female.

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Courtney [userpic]

I'm gonna do the same thing B did because I'm that important.

Playing a female San is bound to get you a few propositions here and there, but for the most part I haven't had trouble whispering OOCly, "Hey, I don't do anything more than PG-13 type emotes," and that usually works. Some people still don't get it; that's when you start ignoring them completely.

As for the point addressed -- I just don't SEE that DGate is a 'Cyber Mud' at all. I know it goes on, but for me I suppose it's an out of sight, out of mind type thing... I choose to spend my IG time differently than those who participate in it, but whatever they do is fine by me as long as they don't drag me into it.

However, if you're morally offended by the thought of it occurring, I'll make sure that no one here is going to chastise you for feeling that way. No one governs what makes you uncomfortable but you, and if it's so much so that you feel as if you can't play the game anymore, then I hope you have a fruitful life outside of DGate! As for my part, I hope you stick around.

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Brooke [userpic]

I was going to just reply to Suup's post, but I figured that there would be a better chance of everyone reading it if I just started a new post.

First of all, I want to say that I'm sorry to see you go, Suup. I haven't had a chance to interact with you IG, but I've seen you around the Square and read your posts. Before you decide to leave for good, I'd suggest that you just take a break. Have your account locked down so you can keep your characters, and find something else to do for a while. We all need to have our breaks every so often, and later down the line, you may regret it if you delete all your characters.

As for the statement that DGate is becoming one big "Cyber Mud"... well, all I can really say to that is that it always has been. No matter what game you decide to play, there is always going to be a sexual undercurrent there. Hell, there are some MU*s devoted to nothing BUT cyber-sex. I don't think it'll ever get to the point of having people gettin' it on in the middle of the Square, after all, there is a PG-13 rating. I honestly haven't noticed it being that much worse than it ever was. Some people get their kicks by playing "those sort" of characters. The Gilded Lion and the AGC weren't created for nothing, you know. The fact that some people want to play DGate to fulfill some of their sexual fantasies, while others play it to fulfill their "I'm a big bad-ass, I'm going to kill you now" fantasies.

I'm truly sorry that you're leaving. DGate needs every good player that it can get. As I said before, take a break, then come back in a few months or so and give it another try. Things change constantly in the game world, and stuff that you don't like now may be completely gone, or at least, toned down, in a few months time.

I'm going to re-post your entry on the info boards, I'd like to see the responses of the other players.

There has been a considerable development in my life and I am going to have to make certain choices that will either throw my life into a flaming downward spiral, or help me move on into success. Either way, I expect a dicussion follow up from this decision.

I have decided that soon I may be dropping from playing Dragon's Gate. It has been a wonderful community, an absolutely grand community for the maybe near three years I believe I have been playing. It was a wonderful way for me to reach out and touch people, have disagreements and times that were wonderfully generous contribution to the Role-Play genre.

But, with aid of a friend, and a belayed realisation, I have also noticed a growing trend that DGate is turning into what I righteously dub a "Cyber MUD". Where it's a multi-user dimension that houses cyber sex. And it does seem to be over-taking the game.

No matter how you look at it, yes, sex is a part of life, and yes, sex has been a part of DGate; yet, it's growing on a near public scale that I wouldn't be surprised to see someone cybering in TSC. That is very much seeming what it's growing to become.

I state again, this has been a wonderful community, but the reason I may be leaving is not for the reason that cyber sex is in the game, but it is because my life is changing. I don't know what to, but I am going to conform it to include all my friends.

I know I should post this in the DGate boards, but I sadly don't check them. Someone else may post this there which I actually would encourage. Could prove an interesting discussion.

I have adored this wonderful game, but don't be surprised if I leave. And if I do, consider this my farewell. Otherwise, I expect this to turn into a healthy discussion of the current situation with DGate.

Toodles people. Lots of Love.

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Yo yo yo, people. This is Suup the Rinannian Monitanian from DGate. I know, I'm not saying much right now.

I say a headshot/bust picture of the Dragon on the Dragon's Gate website, or ask permission to collage all the races into an icon. Of course you'll have to ask permission for both, but it's an idea.

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Courtney [userpic]

I'm glad people are joining the community. but we still need more members for me to feel fully justified in my nerdiness... I'm concerned that some of the DGate related people on my friends list are too vain to join an online community about.. an online community.

all of that aside, does anyone have an idea for a good user pic for this journal?

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Hrm...okay, well I'm Candy and I play Elerissi, a Setite sword cleric. I have an Oog in Spur but I'm bored with her at the moment. I also used to play an Odarian Leuian that got married (by VerB of all people) to a Taathian Thugian. Who at the time was engaged to a secian! !

Oh teh h0rr0r!

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